Christmas time is full of celebrations, parties, barbeques and work functions with an abundance of alcohol and not so favourable food choices. Try some of these handy tips to help keep you healthy during the festive season.

  1. Keep hydrated

    Ensure that you are getting in around 2 litres of filtered water every day. If you are drinking alcohol, try to have a glass of water between drinks.

  2. Choose your booze

    Keeping alcohol to a minimum is advised of course howver if you do choose to drink, the purest forms of alcohol are vodka or gin with fresh lime and soda, or red wine.

  3. Balance your meals

    Festive food tends to be very rich and heavy, usually involving lots of meat and sauces. Try to limit your meat serving to the size of the palm of your hand and pile up your plate with loads of vegies or salad to help cut through the grease.

  4. Keep up some exercise

    Most people tend to throw their exercise routine out the window during the holiday period. Try not to exclude it completely, even going for a short stroll before dinner will help keep you moving.

  5. Look for the healthier options

    Try making your own apple sauce by stewing apples and cinnamon instead of buying jarred apple sauce. Try orgran gravy (health food section), which is gluten free. For soft drinks, try Fuse or golden circle’s LOL, both sugar and artificial sweetener free options that are available from you supermarket. Instead of buying toasted salted nuts, opt for some raw unsalted nuts instead.