There is a lot of emphasis on food and weight loss, but most of it is focused on the caloric content of a food, or whether it contains too many carbs or fats.

There are many foods which have been shown to help the body up-regulate fat burning pathways, due to specific vitamins and phyto-nutrients. Try including some of these foods in your diet to help manage weight:

1. Green Tea

Studies have shown that drinking 3 cups a day of green tea can significantly help with weight loss. This is may to be due to green teas antioxidant and blood sugar regulating activities, but green tea can also increase thermogenesis, which helps to burn fat.

Dr. Red’s Spearole green tea, which has extra antioxidants, is particularly beneficial for weight loss. Pick up a box in clinic and drink up!

2. Grapefruit

A study in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that when subjects consumed either 1/2 a fresh grapefruit or 237ml of grapefruit juice before each main meal, they lost 1.6kg over 12 weeks, without any further treatments.

3. Eggs

A recent study by the International Journal of Obesity found that eating eggs for breakfast was associated with a higher rate of weight loss in people on a calorie restricted diet. Ditch your cereal and have some sunny side up! Egg yolks also contain lecithin, which helps to mobile fat cells.

4. Seaweed

Seaweed assists with weight loss by supporting thyroid health, which helps boost your metabolism! Try using red dulse flakes on salads and wakame in soups and stir fry’s.

5. Sardines/Salmon

Sardines and salmon are perfect weight loss aids as they are high in protein and omega 3, which reduces the inflammation that can prevent weight loss.
NB: farmed salmon is not a good source – it has a different fat profile to wild caught salmon.

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