Easter can easily be all about giving chocolate to children. Try these tips for some family fun over the easter break, and make easter more than just a time to eat chocolate.

Decorating easter eggs

An oldie but a goodie, children love to make their own coloured eggs. Make sure you wear old clothes and cover your table with a thick layer of newspaper before you begin.

  • First, hard boil some organic eggs
  • In large cups put 1 cup water, 1 tsp vinegar and a small amount of food dye
  • Dip eggs in with a spoon, and leave until you are happy with the colour
  • Put in an empty egg carton to dry

Try drawing on the eggs with a white crayon, wrapping tape of rubber bands around or putting stickers on them before dying them to make different patterns.

For a demonstration, check out this youtube video:

Making your own easter eggs

To make your own easter eggs you can buy easter egg moulds from craft shops and department stores, or online. They come in all shapes, from the easter bunny to eggs of all shapes and sizes.

They come in two halves, so you melt the chocolate, add to the two halves, let it set a little then add some melted chocolate to one side and join together. Easy!

Try using over 70% cocoa chocolate. You can add crushed nuts, a few drops of peppermint oil, shredded coconut or even dried fruit and rum!

The easter egg hunt

Every child loves and easter egg hunt. You can wrap up your homemade chocolate for them to find, or use regular easter eggs.

Make it a challenge so that they have to work for their chocolate! You may even want to go to a park for the hunt, so that the kids have plenty of room to run around and burn off all of that energy.

Good food substitutes

  • Try organic spelt hot cross buns from Sol Breads, or make your own!
  • The very best chocolate is raw chocolate, which is made with untoasted cocoa. Try Loving Earth raw chocolate from a health food shop.
  • Leave some carrots for the easter bunny and encourage your children to eat the leftovers!