Change is in the air

For many of us, change can be daunting, as it seems easier to stay in our current routine. Change is essential in life, from the change from young to old, month to year, season to season, change is constantly around us. It helps to keep us motivated, fresh and prevent stagnation in our lives.
Some of the obstacles which may prevent us from embracing change are:

These issue can range from mild to severe, with some people preferring to remain in a job or situation that they don’t like due to fear of starting something new.

There is a saying that to bring new things into your life you must make room. In other words unless you let go of the things which you no longer require in your life, or those things that no longer make you happy, there will be no room for new and exciting things to enter in your life.

Here are some ‘spring cleaning tips’ to help clean out the old to make way for the new:

Clean out your wardrobe

Make a pile of the clothes you no longer wear and ones that you don’t like. Give them to charity or sell them on ebay.

Have a garage sale

All of us have things in the house which we just don’t use anymore. Selling them or giving them away can be very rewarding! By not having useless items in your space you are creating a better energy flow and positive feng shui to promote flow in your life.

Pick your friends wisely

Is there someone you simply do not get along with? Is there friction at every meeting together? Sometimes the best thing to do in this situation is to let the friend go. You don’t have to be brutal about it, but avoiding interaction may be the way to go.

Write it down

When was the last time you wrote down your goals and your needs? Write a list of things that you want in your life, and then the actions you may need to take to achieve it.

Take charge of your health

Positive dietary changes will help you to look and feel great. Ask your naturopath what else you can do.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Do you want to reduce global warming, save animals, reduce hunger or anything else? Think about what you can do to help. maybe buying recycled paper or joining a charity doesn’t seem like much, but every little bit helps.