Diabetes occurs when there insufficient insulin release from the pancreas. Insulin is needed to carry glucose into cells to be converted into energy, so when there is insufficient insulin high circulating glucose levels occur. It is this high level of glucose that causes problems for diabetic patients.

Diabetes Mellitus (type 2 diabetes) is often due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices, and improvement in these areas follows with and improvement in blood sugar levels.

Naturopathically there is a lot that can be done for the treatment of diabetes. From nutrients which are essential for glucose utilisation and function to herbs which restore the beta cells of the pancreas, treatment options for diabetes are great when coupled with the right dietary choices.

Naturopaths take into account all factors that could be contributing the blood sugar imbalances when determining treatment. Not only can a reduction in blood sugar levels be achieved but treatment may also prevent diseases which are known to be common in diabetics, such as heart disease, stroke, poor circulation and visual loss.

Education about low GI and GL diets is important however a naturopath will also teach you ways to reduce the GI of a meal and techniques which will allow a slow and sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream, reducing your blood sugar levels.

An emphasis on foods in the diet which are highly beneficial for diabetics is also encouraged, with recipes and meal ideas all part of the treatment plan.

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