Clinical Weight Management Program

A natural weight management program individualised for you, because everybody is different!

Katherine looks at weight loss as a state of imbalance. Her clinical weight loss program is different for every person that she sees as her clients are treated as individuals, not simply weight loss patients.

By completing a naturopathic weight management program with Katherine you will experience enormous benefit to your energy levels, concentration, moods, and general well-being, along with weight loss of course!

Katherine’s weight management program works to re-balance and replenish your body on an individual level. There may be underlying biochemical imbalances or health conditions contributing to your weight issues, which can only be brought to light by personalised assessment of your entire health.

Unlike an off-the-shelf program, a naturopathic weight loss plan is specifically designed for each individual. By applying her clinical expertise Katherine can tailor this program to meet your body’s own specific biochemical requirements, as well as your lifestyle.

Below are some answers to some common questions that people have about the program.

Why are Katherine’s Weight Management programs so effective?

Katherine’s clinical weight management programs are so effective because they:

  • Assesses your whole state of health, body, mind, and soul
  • Treats causative factors to prevent regain of weight
  • Use nutrients and herbs which serve specific metabolic functions to assist with weight loss
  • Are individualised to meet the person’s needs
  • Put steps in place to ensure prolonged healthy weight management

What are some of the common reasons for weight gain that can be addressed with naturopathy?

  • An under-functioning thyroid gland which slows metabolism
  • Blood sugar imbalances or insulin resistance
  • Depression, anxiety, or mood swings lead to emotional eating
  • Lack of exercise due to low energy or pain
  • Intake of the wrong types of foods
  • Too much of a particular food group
  • Genetic predisposition which favours weight gain
  • Food allergies and intolerances, which lead to fluid build-up
  • Toxin build-up which slows metabolism
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Menopausal hormonal shifts

As Katherine’s weight loss program is individualised, causative factors will be identified and treated as a part of the program.

How long will it take before I notice weight loss?

Every person is unique so there is no way of knowing what kind of results you will have. Most people will begin to notice changes within 2 weeks, although if there is a health condition that needs to be addressed weight loss can take a little longer to occur.

How often do I have consultations with Katherine?

The first follow-up consultation will be 2 weeks after your first consultation. Subsequent consultations are usually monthly but maybe more often if you have other health conditions that need to be evaluated.

What happens during my first consultation?

During your first consultation Katherine will:

  • Discuss the issues most important to you
  • Discuss the components of the
  • Clinical Weight Management program
  • Set goals for you to work towards
  • Cover your health history
  • Cover your family history
  • Ask you questions about relevant body systems to gain a better understanding of your health status
  • Perform Nail and Tongue analysis, which verifies processes occurring in the body
  • Perform Iridology, which involves looking into the iris to determine the health of the body
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Refer you for any necessary blood testing
  • Talk about any medications that you take to ensure that treatments will not interact with them
  • Explain your health issues from a naturopathic perspective and discuss the implications of this
  • Make a tailored treatment plan to suit you, keeping your busy schedule and budget in mind
  • Give you tailored dietary advice, including recipes and handouts with guidelines to assist you
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure maximum efficacy of treatment

How will Katherine know what the cause of my weight gain is?

Katherine will establish the cause of your weight issues by taking a thorough case history, but may also order blood or other testing to evaluate your health so that she can develop the most effective treatment plan for you.

What products does Katherine use?

Katherine uses only high-quality practitioner only products sourced from reputable companies.

Katherine will often use high-strength liquid herbal medicines to formulate a treatment specifically for you, or quality nutritional supplements which support the weight loss process.

Of course, dietary advice will also be given to help you get the most out of the program.

How much does a consultation cost?

An initial consultation and assessment with Katherine is $97 and will take one hour. Natural remedies supplied are also at your cost, and will vary depending on your individual needs.

HI-CAPS is available for on-the-spot claims with participating health funds.

Pre Conception Health Care Program

Katherine loves working with couples who have decided to start or expand their family and uses a variety of techniques to promote a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Having optimum nutrition and general health is the best way to ensure that a healthy pregnancy is achieved and that your baby has the best chance of good health.

Katherine finds that the best way to achieve this is with a healthy diet and lifestyle, but often uses herbs, nutrients, and other interventions to help a couple in their quest for a healthy conception.

Studies have shown that good preconception care can improve your chances of falling pregnant, with 81% of previously infertile couples being able to fall pregnant with natural fertility management according to the foresight study.

Research is strongly indicating that your health prior to conception has huge impacts on the health of your child, from immune issues as children to have a higher chance of developing the disease as adults. Ensuring that your health is optimum prior to conceiving is the only way to ensure you have given your child the very best start to life.

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