Rebekka Frazer

Before seeing Katherine I had been diagnosed with PCOS by my doctor who placed me on The Pill, believing that my body would normalise itself after 2 years. I did what I was told but began to worry when my period still had yet to return after about 6 months of stopping The Pill. My blood hormone levels were still abnormal and I felt generally unwell, so I knew I had to do something. My doctor and a specialist I was referred to were unable to help, so I began looking for an alternative. I came across Katherine’s webpage when searching for an experienced naturopath in the Brisbane area. After an extremely thorough initial consultation, I was prescribed herbal liquid formulas specifically tailed to my personal condition and supplements, as well as lifestyle advice. After about 8 months of consultations with Katherine, I am at the stage where I am now averaging approximately 30 day menstrual cycles and all my initial blood test results have since returned to within the normal ranges. I have also learned a lot more about my body and in addition to helping me naturally regulate my hormones, Katherine has also helped me to get a better night’s sleep and deal with the stress in my life. I am someone who thought I would only ever rely on conventional medical therapies, but I am so pleased to have decided to try naturopathy. I still believe there is definitely a place for pharmaceutical therapies, but a taking a natural approach to my health has been one of the best decisions I have made recently. Thank you Katherine for your persistent help and concern for my health.

Rebekka Frazer28 - Brisbane