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Menopause occurs in every aging woman, although not all women get menopausal symptoms. Not many people realise that with the right health care, diet and natural health management menopausal symptoms can be avoided. In the menopausal transition, menstruation slows and then eventually stops, due to ovarian function decreasing and ovulation ceasing. The ovaries are the […]

Focus On Food – Pineapple

Summer means the availability of our delicious summer fruits will be on the rise. Pineapple grows in tropical regions and is renowned for its refreshing zesty taste. Pineapples are loaded with vitamin C, manganese, B1 and B6. As well as this they are high in fibre and contain a digestive enzymes called bromelain, so have […]

Natural Fertility Management

Katherine offers comprehensive natural fertility and reproductive health care, including: Preconception Health Care Pregnancy Health Care Post Natal Care What is infertility? Infertility is the term used when a couple have been actively trying to conceive without results for 6 months or more. Katherine does not see couples as infertile, rather that their health is […]